Senegal — Monitoring of Departure Areas — Movements to the Canary Islands (March — April 2021)

RO Dakar,
Period Covered
Mar 01 2021
Apr 30 2021
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  • Flow Monitoring


The Departure Area Monitoring Tool monitors events relating to migratory movements from the coasts of Senegal to the Spanish Canary Islands (which, most frequently, are conducted through several intermediate stages), with the aim of documenting mobility along the West African Atlantic Route (WAAR). The methodology combines three tools: monitoring of departures, mapping of departure areas and counting. This report presents data collected by the departure monitoring tool between 1 March and 30 April 2021 at key departure points along the Senegalese coastline. Information is provided to enumerators by Community Focal Points (CFPs) who provide information on notable events observed in areas of departure used by migrants to travel to Mauritania, Morocco and the Canary Islands.