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Displaced population tracked by DTM in Guyana
Latest IDP estimates from IDMC
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In Guyana, IDMC GRID Dec 2019


  • Administrative division with available number of displaced persons
  • Site assessed by DTM

For this exercise of data collection on Venezuelan migrants in Guyana, Snowballing was the elected method of obtaining a

The DTM is a system to track and monitor displacement that is designed to create a profile of the migrant population and to obtain a better understanding of their migratory routes, migration status, economic and labour situation, health situation, livelihoods and main protection needs.

Traditionally Guyana has been a source of migrants to other English-speaking territories in the Caribbean, and further afield to the United States of America and Canada.

Increasingly high migration in South America is of special interest to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) whose objective is to promote safe, orderly and regular migration based on the respect for the rights of migrants.

IOM Guyana designed the first round of the DTM process through the implementation of interviews in two regions (Barima-Waini and Demerara-Mahaica). In Region 1, interviews were conducted with the help of the Toshaos and other community leaders.

The current political and economic situation in Venezuela is forcing a high number of Venezuelans to cross to neighboring countries in search of medicine, food, hygiene kits or hygienic supplies and work, in the hope of improving their economic situation.


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