Europe — Mixed Migration Flows to Europe, Quarterly Overview (October - December 2019)

DTM Mediterranean,
Period Covered
Oct 01 2019 -
Dec 31 2019
  • Flow Monitoring


According to available data, collated in coordination with national authorities and IOM field offices, a total of 128,536 migrants and refugees were registered arriving in Europe in 2019, 13 per cent less than the 147,683 registered in 2018 and 32 per cent less than the 188,372 registered in 2017.1 Thirty-three per cent (42,713) of all arrivals in 2019 were recorded during the fourth quarter, a 6 per cent decrease from the 45,308 in Q3 yet almost two times the arrivals in Q2 (22,675), and 2.3 times the 17,929 arrivals registered in Q1. Arrivals in Q4 of 2019 were slightly more than the 41,819 registered in Q4 of 2018, and 10 per cent more of the 38,949 registered in Q4 of 2017.