Yemen — Flow Monitoring Points | Migrant Arrivals and Yemeni Returns From Saudi Arabia in December 2019

DTM Yemen,
Period Covered
Dec 01 2019
Dec 31 2019
  • Flow Monitoring


Displacement Tracking in Yemen includes the monitoring of key migrant and return locations on Yemen's northern border with Saudi Arabia and southern coastal border. Enumerators placed at Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) monitor the arrivals of migrants and Yemeni nationals in order to identify dierent patterns and types of migration, including quantitative estimates to help dene the population of irregular migrants present in the country. Access constraints limit the ability to collect data at some migrant arrival points.

IOM estimates that 10,938 migrants entered Yemen in addition to 5,288 Yemeni returns from KSA during December 2019, bringing the number of migrants who have arrived in Yemen in 2019 to 138,213 and the number of Yemeni returnees to 50,065.