Uganda — Flow Monitoring Survey Dashboard: Uganda/Kenya Border (December 2020)

DTM Uganda,
Period Covered
Dec 01 2020
Dec 31 2020
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring


Over the reporting period, a total of 1157 movements were observed at five (5) Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) at the border with Kenya. Similar to the previous month, it was observed a majority of incomingflows (53%) against outgoing flows (47%). The FMPs Kiwawa, and Abongai A registered 65% of the observations and Kiwawa registered the highest volume of flows (40%).

Statistics on Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases provided by Amudat district for the month of December 2020 shows that Karita subcounty reported the highest cases of emotional abuse (5%), rape (5%), denial of resources or opportunities, parental neglect to provide children basic needs (4%), and physical violence (4%). Loroo subcounty reported the highest number of cases of sexual harassment/defilement (12%). Amudat Town Council reported the highest number of cases of child/forced marriage (8%).