Uganda — Flow Monitoring Dashboard: Uganda/South Sudan Border (June 2020)

DTM Uganda,
Period Covered
Jun 01 2020 -
Jun 30 2020
  • Flow Monitoring


Over the reporting period, a total of 4,013 movements were observed at four (4) Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) at the Ugandan border with South Sudan; this represents a decrease of 46% in terms of average daily movements as compared to the previous month. At the beginning of February, five FMPs along the Uganda/ South Sudan border were moved to South Sudan. Only one FMP (Elegu) remains in Uganda.


Similar to May 2020, this month saw a majority of incoming flows (59%) against outgoing flows (41%). The majority of movements were reported within a day to a week (53%). Frequently by truck or bus (75%), by motorbike (11%), by foot (7%), by bike (3%), and by taxi or car (3%). There has been a decrease in migration since March 2020 due to mobility restrictions imposed by the government in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

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