Uganda — Flow Monitoring Dashboard: Uganda/South Sudan Border (1-31 July 2019)

DTM Uganda,
Period Covered
Jul 01 2019 -
Jul 31 2019
  • Flow Monitoring


Over the reporting period, a total of 1,139 individual movements were observed at six (6) Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) at the Ugandan border with South Sudan. This month saw a majority of outgoing flows (66%) against incoming flows (34%). IOM reduced DTM operations during the month of July for technical reasons. This resulted in a decrease of FMP covered and of movements registered. The technical break concerned 6 FMPs bordering with South Sudan for the entire month of July 2019. The majority of movements were reported within a day to a week (50%), frequently by taxi or car (27%) or by foot (27%), and mostly spatialized in districts surrounding the border area, namely Morobo and Magwi in South Sudan and Koboko and Obongi in Uganda.