South Sudan — Cross Border Flow Monitoring (June 2017)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
Period Covered
Jan 01 2017
Jun 30 2017
  • Flow Monitoring


This Abyei Cross Border Flow Monitoring Report highlights the movement trends of South Sudanese crossing from South Sudan or parts of Abyei into Sudan and vice versa over the period of January to June 2017. The total volume of cross-border movements from January to June 2017 is approximately 12,000 individuals. The majority of the movements (66%) originated from South Sudan with the majority of individuals (86%) reporting their intention to go to Sudan, mainly Khartoum State. Improved security within the Abyei Administrative Area combined with the improving social relationship between the Dinka Ngok and Missirya has encouraged families from South Sudan to use Abyei as a transit route to cross into Sudan, mainly to access social services and employment opportunities. It was found that 86% of cross-border movements were destined for Sudan, primarily Khartoum State; 49% of cross-border movements to Sudan was to access health services; and 99% of families crossing into Sudan intended to come back.