South Sudan — COVID-19 Mobility Update 5 (20-26 April 2020)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
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Apr 20 2020 -
Apr 26 2020
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On 25 April 2020, South Sudan registered its sixth COVID-19 case just two days after the fifth. On confirmation of the sixth case, the High-Level Task Force (HLTF) on 26 April 2020 issued a suspension of all public transportation from and to Juba as well as Torit, where cases of the virus were found. These road movement restrictions follow interstate flight limitations from 13 April 2020. As of 21 April, the HLTF further extended all movement restrictions introduced in March 2020 until further notice. 
Humanitarian access was limited by newly imposed flight clearance taxations and mandatory “COVID-19 free” certificates prior to travel. This impacted food air drops as well as trucking for pre-positioning of humanitarian goods during these final weeks of the dry season. As of 25 April 2020, humanitarian workers can return to their home-country without such a certificate. 
Further  COVID-19 related population movements included increased permanent exits from Wau PoC AA (observed by IOM DTM) and reportedly return movements from Uganda and in-country locations to Juba according to the RRC. 
Although cargo is mostly allowed to enter the country, movement restrictions have caused market prices like those of wheat, sorghum and maize to increase.  
Further arrests were made of persons breaking congregation or travel restrictions. 
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