South Sudan — COVID-19 Mobility Update 12 (15-28 June 2020)

DTM South Sudan,
South Sudan
Period Covered
Jun 15 2020 -
Jun 28 2020
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By 28 June 2020, South Sudan recorded 1,989 cumulative COVID-19 confirmed cases, and 36 deaths. The overall number of tests conducted stands at 10,529.  
A number of efforts are underway to improve South Sudan’s ability to cope with the pandemic. The country is revamping its reporting system related to COVID-19 deaths, a new portable laboratory was installed in Nimule, and plans are underway to begin oxygen production within the country.  Across the country, DTM is observing a slight increase in the implementation of previously established COVID-19 related measures at tracked transportation hubs. Risk communication is now being practiced at 39 out of 56 tracked locations up from 33 during the last reporting period (1-14 June 2020) with handwashing facilities being available at 30, up from 24 in the first two weeks of June.  
However, the country remains even more vulnerable to shocks than before the pandemic with UN Special Representative, David Shearer stating that the effects of the pandemic could undermine the country's weak health infrastructure and ceasefire at a time when the number of localized conflict instances is on the rise. While cargo is officially allowed to cross South Sudan’s borders, bureaucratic hurdles have slowed down the flow of goods, increasing market prices and negatively impacting the food security.  
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