Somalia — Border Point Flow Monitoring (May 2019)

DTM Somalia,
Period Covered
May 01 2019 -
May 31 2019
  • Flow Monitoring


In May 2019, a total of 24 ,018 movements were observed at Flow Monitoring Points. This represents a significant decrease (29%) in comparison with April 2019 when 32 ,933 movements were observed. Only the movements identified in Dhobley and Lowyacado remained at levels comparable to April 2019; an increase was noticed in Buuhoodle and Cabudwaaq, while a decrease was recorded in Bossaso, Doolow, and Harirad. The overall decrease is mainly justified by a significant reduction in movements identified in the Bossaso FMP (decrease of 9,014 movements in comparison with April 2019), returning to usual levels. Incoming and outgoing flows identified were at equal levels (both at 50%). Like for previous months, Buuhoodle Flow Monitoring Point (Ethiopian border) recorded the highest levels of incoming flows for May (38% of all incoming flows), while Bossaso continued to record the highest number of outgoing flows (49% of all outgoing flows). Migrants identified were mostly Somali (52 %), Ethiopian (42 %), and Djiboutian (6%).