Somalia — Border Point Flow Monitoring — (February 2020)

DTM Somalia,
Period Covered
Feb 01 2020 -
Feb 29 2020
  • Flow Monitoring


A total of 23,901 movements were observed at Flow Monitoring Points in February 2020. This represents an increase of31% compared to February 2019, where 18,236 movements were observed. Five FMPs (Bosasso, Buuhoodle, Cabudwaq, Dhobley and Lowycada) recorded an increase in movements while two FMPs (Doolow and Haridad) saw an decrease in movements. While in February 2019 the majority of the movements were incoming (54%) to Somalia, this trend was slightly reversed in February 2020 where 51% were outgoing. Similarly Buuhoodle Flow Monitoring Point (Ethiopian border) recorded the highest levels of incoming flows equivalent to 31% in Feb 2019 and 29% in February 2020 Buuhodle (29%). Same can be said Bossaso FMP which continued to record the highest number of outgoing flows in 2020 (36%) same as in 2019 (33%).