Nigeria — North East Balanga LGA — Gombe State Flash Report (23 April 2021)

DTM Nigeria,
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Apr 19 2021
Apr 19 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
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Surging communal violence between ethnic and religious groups, and long-standing conflicts between farming communities and with nomadic herders are prevalent across north-east Nigeria. These conflicts are predominantly centered on disputes over land and cause great insecurity and widespread displacement across the region.
On 19 April 2021, a clash between neighbouring Waja and Lunguda communities in Balanga LGA in Gombe state was reported which led to a wave of population displacement. Following this event, rapid assessments were conducted by DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) field staff with the purpose of informing the humanitarian community and government partners, and enable targeted response. Flash reports utilise direct observation and a broad network of key informants to gather representative data and collect information on the number, profile and immediate needs of affected populations.
The latest clash affected a total of 1,561 individuals in Balanga LGAs of Gombe State who were forced to flee their locations of origin towards villages in Hong LGA in the neighbouring state of Adamawa. A total of 33 casualties were recorded and 130 shelters were damaged.