Mozambique – Population Mobility Mapping Beira Corridor (November 2020)

DTM Mozambique,
Period Covered
Nov 17 2020
Nov 21 2020
  • Flow Monitoring Survey
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Migrants presence
  • Points of Entry (PoE)


This report presents the findings and results of the PMM and FM activities conducted along the Beira corridor in the central region of Mozambique, which included a Participatory Mapping Exercise (PME) conducted on 13 October 2020, followed by site assessments conducted on 17 and 18 November 2020 and, Flow Monitoring activities, conducted from 19 to 21 November 2020.

The PMM and FM activities were conducted with the purpose of understanding the influence of COVID-19 on mobility patterns, by identifying and analyzing the status and preparedness of Points of Entry (PoEs) and other key mobility locations. Moreover, this report includes information on a total of 4,016 persons who were identified transiting through the flow monitoring points from 19 to 21 November 2020.