Iraq — Migration Flows from Iraq to Europe (February 2016)

DTM Iraq,
Period Covered
Feb 01 2016 -
Feb 29 2016
  • Survey
  • Migration Flows


This study is the result of interviews with 473 individuals (November–December 2015) migrating from Iraq to Europe. One of the report’s key findings is the lack of clear-cut, homogeneous and predictable answers, once more highlighting the complexity of migration. In the governorates of Anbar and Ninewa, a high number of respondents originated from these governorates, but a much lower number used to reside there. 18% of respondents declared to be IDPs at the time of departure. The ethno-religious breakdown of the respondents reflected that of the Iraqi population overall. 72% of the respondents were 30 years old or less. 93% of respondents were male. 41% of respondents had a university education (47% secondary education). Of the 379 who indicated no hope in the future as their first reason for leaving, (80% of the respondents). As destination, Germany was chosen by 47% of the respondents, Finland by 14% and Sweden by 10%. A large number of migrants reporting to be satisfied with the information gathered through word of mouth, regardless of the topic. 144 respondents (30%) did not reach their intended country of destination.