Iraq — Event Tracking — Displacement Movements from Syria to Iraq (27 October 2019)

Period Covered
Oct 26 2019 -
Oct 27 2019
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Due to the latest military operations in Syria, DTM Iraq launched an emergency tracking tool on 14  October to monitor potential population flow coming through pre-selected border points Fishkhabour and Ibrahim Al Khalil in Dahuk Al Fao and Rabi’a in Ninewa and nearby Sahela and Alwaleed villages in Ninewa Only people being displaced by the conflict are reported in this update and usual border activities and crossings are not covered This information is collected by IOM staff specifically posted at the relevant border points to meet with the displaced population Age, gender, and area of origin data is gathered from heads of household during registration for transportation.

— 374 individuals have crossed through the informal points nearby Sahela village on October 27. This brings the total of individuals having crossed these points since October 14 to 12,014 individuals

— All arrivals were transported to Gawilan Camp by bus.

— Of today’s arrivals, 48 per cent are male and 52 per cent are female • Around half of today’s arrivals is under 18 years of age • The majority of today’s arrivals came from Al Hasaka Allepo and Al Raqqa