IOM SEEECA Region - COVID-19 Weekly Overview 5 (22 April 2020)

COVID-19 focal point at RO Vienna: Dr Jaime Calderon:
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Apr 22 2020
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Since the last sitrep, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the SEEECA region rose by 68 per cent to 190,493 cases (from 113,515). The number of deaths increased from 1,985 deaths reported a week ago to 3,406 Turkey still has the highest number of cases (90,980), followed by the Russian Federation (52,763), Israel (13,883), Serbia (6,630) and Belarus (6,264), replacing Ukraine as fifth most affected. The number of cases reported by Russia increased by 150 per cent overnight. Turkey's rate of increase in cases over one week has gone down from 126 per cent to 65 per cent today. The highest number of deaths have been in Turkey (2,140), Russian Federation (456), Israel (181), Ukraine (161) and Serbia (125). The per cent increase over the past week remains high in the Russian Federation (168 per cent), compared to Belarus (76 per cent), Turkey (65 per cent), Israel (65 per cent) and Serbia (47 per cent). In Austria, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rose by only 0.5 per cent from 14,043 to 14,783 within the past week.