Europe — Mixed Migration Flows to Europe, Quarterly Overview (1 April — 30 June 2017)

DTM Mediterranean,
Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Period Covered
Apr 01 2016 -
Jun 30 2016
  • Flow Monitoring


Given the policies set into place in 2016, 61,493 migrants and refugees were stranded in Greece, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia as of 30 June 2016. This is a 9% increase since the cumulative on the 30 March. Meanwhile, the number of migrants and refugees transiting the Central Mediterranean route has increased by 68% in the second quarter (18,777) compared to the first quarter (31,520). The green border between Bulgaria and Turkey remains of interest, exhibiting an increase of 112% from the first (1 Jan - 31 March, total of 1,195) to the second quarter (1 Apr—30 June, total of 2,315) of 2016 .