Europe — Mixed Migration Flows to Europe Monthly Overview (May 2018)

DTM Mediterranean,
Period Covered
May 01 2018 -
May 31 2018
  • Flow Monitoring


DTM Flow Monitoring data shows that an estimated 43,752 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe between January and May 2018 using different sea and land routes. The Eastern Mediterranean route is the most active route this year with 19,154 registered arrivals in Greece. Despite the observed decrease in arrivals to Italy, the Central Mediterranean route is still the main corridor for migrants from Africa who aim to reach Europe. By the end of May, a total of 13,430 migrants and asylum seekers disembarked in Sicily and the Southern coast of Italy. Spain is the third most populous arrival point where authorities registered a total of 10,639 migrants and asylum seekers between January and May 2018. The remaining 564 migrants and asylum seekers were registered arriving in Cyprus (47) and Bulgaria (517).