Europe — Mixed Migration Flows to Europe Monthly Overview (April 2019)

DTM Mediterranean,
Period Covered
Apr 01 2019
Apr 30 2019
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A total of 21,869 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe through different land and sea routes between January and April 2019, 29 per cent less than in the same period last year, hen 30,961 sea and land arrivals were reported, 56 per cent less than the 50,108 arrivals registered in 2017 and 88 per cent less than the 189,370 registered between January and April 2016. Fifty-six per cent of all arrivals were registered in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, indicating that the Eastern Mediterranean route continues to surpass the Western Mediterranean route as the main route taken by the migrants and refugees arriving to Europe between January and April 2019. Authorities in the Western Balkan, namely in the following countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro - have observed a significant increase in arrivals in 2018, and have registered a total of 8,304 migrants and refugees as of April 2019. This is two times more than the 4,816 registered in 2018 in all three countries and sixteen times than the 491 registered between January and April 2017.