Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Human Trafficking and other Exploitative Practices (May — September 2016)

DTM Mediterranean,
Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Period Covered
May 01 2016 -
Sep 09 2016
  • Flow Monitoring


This week’s report focuses on providing an analysis on migrants and refugees travelling along the Central Mediterranean Route and the Eastern Mediterranean Route. The first section provides analysis on interviewees` responses to human trafficking and other exploitative prevalence indicators. It also explains the context of the two migration routes. The second section includes information on the socioeconomic background and demographic profile of migrants and refugees, push factors, the migration route, and length of journey. 4,392 Interviews were conducted between May and September 2016 by IOM in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, and from June to September in Italy.