Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Adult respondents (9 October 2015 — 11 July 2016)

DTM Mediterranean,
Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa
Period Covered
Oct 09 2015 -
Jul 11 2016
  • Flow Monitoring


Between 9 October 2015 and 11 July 2016 IOM field staff in Greece, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Libya conducted interviews with 10,608 migrants and refugees. This week’s report focuses on providing an analysis on the differences between adult (more than 18 years old) male and female respondents. Additionally, a second section presents an analysis on governorates of origin and transit routes of Syrian nationals. Among others, male respondents were found to obtain a higher level of education than male respondents. 31% of female respondents reported having obtained tertiary education, compared to 25% of male respondents. However, 51% of men reported having obtained secondary level of education versus 44% of women.