Ethiopia — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 26 (November 2021)

DTM Ethiopia,
Period Covered
Nov 01 2021
Nov 30 2021
  • Flow Monitoring


In November 2021, a total of 16,619 movements were observed across five of Ethiopia's flow monitoring points (FMPs). It should be noted that data collection at Humera FMP in Tigray region did not take place due to security and access constraints, thus affecting the total number of movements for the month. This represents a 20.7% increase in daily average movements in comparison with October 2021 when an average of 459 movements per day were observed.

Following the increase in movements this month, outgoing movements during November have continued to be higher than ever (86.8%) than incoming movements (13.2%). A total of 14,431 outgoing movements were observed of which 6,099 (42.3%) were heading towards Saudi Arabia, 2,272 (15.7%) were going to Kenya, 2,238 (15.5%) were travelling towards Djibouti, 945 (6.5%) to South Africa, 501 (3.5%) intended to reach the United Arab Emirates, and 350 (2.4%) headed to Qatar.