Djibouti – Migrating along the Eastern route #1 (May 2022)

Period Covered
Mar 29 2022
Mar 30 2022
  • Survey


The objective of this report is to describe the experiences of Ethiopian migrants who are either migrating to the Arabian Peninsula or who have returned from Yemen and are currently in Obock, Djibouti. This report reflects the stories that migrants shared about their time in Yemen, the transit to Djibouti, their difficulties and intentions. It also presents the stories of the journey of those travelling from Ethiopia in the hope of reaching Saudi Arabia, their challenges, hopes, preparation and understanding of the journey ahead.

A total of seven focus group discussions (FGD) were organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the Migrant Response Centre (MRC) in Obock and at informal congregation points in Fantahero between the 29th and the 30st of March 2022. The FDGs involved a total of 40 people (24 men, 4 women and 12 boys).