Burundi — Flow Monitoring Report (December 2018)

DTM Burundi, DTMBurundi@iom.int
Period Covered
Dec 01 2018 -
Dec 31 2018
  • Flow Monitoring


From 01 to 31 December 2018, 42,785 movements were registered at 8 flow monitoring points, namely Mbundi and Rusumo (Muyinga province), Mukambati and Ntibitobangwa (Cankuzo province), Mungano and Kabuyenge (Ruyigi province), Kwa Elidadi and Kwa Ntunaguzi (Rutana province). Burundian nationals were most represented among incoming migrants to Burundi (74%) and among outgoing migrants to Tanzania (89%) as it is generally Burundians who travel to Tanzania in search of economic opportunities. Short term local movements were most numerous at all Flow Monitoring Points particularly at Mukambati (95%), Ntibitobangwa (85%) and Rusumo (84%) points. Girls and boys under 18 years old represented 15 per cent and 13 per cent of total migrants respectively. Mostly, they accompanied their parents to provide labor or to work in fields.