COVID-19 Mobility Impacts

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Points of entry

Travel restrictions

The content presented on this portal is for informative purposes only. All information is being constantly validated including geo-location and attributes. As the situation is changing rapidly, we aren’t able to ensure up to date accuracy of some of the information, while it is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of uploading. The scale of the data operation also doesn’t enable us yet to ensure that there aren’t some errors. The timeliness of these updates depends on the timeframe within which the information becomes available and is processed by IOM. We encourage anybody with more accurate/updated information to contact DTM Covid-19 Coordination Team at: For more check the Terms & Conditions Sections.

The current outbreak of COVID-19 has affected global mobility in the form of various travel disruptions, restrictions and blockages. To better understand how COVID-19 affects global mobility, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been working to map the impacts on human mobility, at Global, Regional and Country level. Subsequently, the IOM have initiated the following activities:

COVID-19 Travel Restriction Monitoring - Using secondary data sources, such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), media reports and information direct from IOM missions, this platform maps and analyzes the various country, territories and areas imposing restrictions, and those with restrictions being imposed upon them, all categorized by restriction type. All analyses is presented at country level.

COVID-19 Country Points of Entry (PoE) Status Baseline Assessment – Using direct input from IOM missions, this dashboard displays daily updated mobility restrictions at location level (airport, land border points, blue border points, internal transit points). For each point of entry, data is collected on: type of restriction, measured applied & timeframe, population category that might be affected from the measures. This data is displayed in the Point of Entry layers on this map.

Information on COVID-19 cases is created and maintained by World Health Organization (WHO)

COVID-19 cases and death
Points of entry operational status
Land border
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Travel Restrictions
Point of Entry Monitoring

Daily updated mobility restrictions at location level (airport, land border points, blue border points, internal transit points).

Travel Restrictions Matrix

An interative tool to visualize travel restrictions imposed and imposed up-on countries/territories/areas

Mobility Restriction

Interative mobility restrictions dashboard at location level sourced from IOM missions

Route Monitoring

interative mobility restrictions dashboard sourced from IATA, IOM and media